Little Things Improve Employee Engagement

It is the little things that makes a huge difference, which means addressing concerns of Employees and Not Job-related tasks.

Here are some hacks to make the best of employee engagement tools and techniques:

1. Begin engagement from the bottom

Some articles around the web will tell you that employee engagement begins from the top. But here is a golden rule because of which this is not the most efficient way – The farther the proximity from the top management, the most vulnerable the employees are for dis-engagement. This is why, when you think about engagement, start from ground level employees with the intention of making them feel closer to the core team of the organization.

2. Instill positive work ethics and values from the top

While engagement must begin from the bottom, performance management and employee encouragement must begin from the top. Both positivity and negativity has a trickle-down effect. If you instill good work values and ethics from the top management, they will move down the funnel to other managers and executives reporting to them.

3. Listen to your employees, for real

Every organization claims to be open-minded and has open-ears to employee feedback. Yet employee engagement in India is one of the weakest in the World and developed nations don’t seem to be doing very well either. However, when we talk about listening to employees, there is more of a technological deficiency as well. There might be free tools for surveying employees but none that can provide deep and insightful analytics – Until now!

4. Track your workplace mood and morale

One of the best ways to get an overview of your workforce is to keep a check on the overall workplace mood and morale. All that the employees have to do is answer a single question on how their week is going or went.

Seeing a rise in employee engagement within your office can often lead to a feeling of contentment. However, the idea is to not just take your workplace appealing or merely “sustainable” for your current employees, it should be to make it appealing to potential recruits as well. Every year organizations that do not receive sufficient traction through “inbound” means, often spend a lot of resources in “outbound” recruitment processes. This amount can be significantly cut down when potential candidates reach out to you because of your reputation in employee satisfaction.   Source:-(QuestionPro )


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