Employee Recognition Stats

The number one reason for employees to leave their job is that they don’t feel appreciated. In fact, studies show senior managers view employee recognition programs as an investment rather than an expense.

WorldAtWork – Trends in Employee Recognition 2013 Report

Recognition in the details is key to Employee Engagement.  Sadly, from the WorldAtWork Report data, about 2 out of 3 employees receive no recognition for their hard work.

Feedback is crucial for an employee’s growth. Recognition enhances feedback by transforming it into constructive criticism.  Feedback with recognition affirms a sense of accomplishment in the work being performed.  For this reason, it is important to be on point and accurate in employee recognition.

Give credit to the details and values that an employee brings to the company.

Techniques for Employee Recognition

6Q presented a few simple hacks to enable employee appreciation.

One of the best techniques mentioned in the 6Q article is an appreciation program for the employees that shows positive qualities at the workplace.

Points could be awarded to the employee for simple task like assisting their colleagues to their punctuality or any other qualities.

These points should be collected frequently and consistently.  They could be redeemed for small prizes, such as shopping vouchers or certain benefits like leaving a half hour early one day. Practicing such an employee recognition program can strengthen employee engagement.

These are effective techniques that enhance employee’s well-being at the work place and transform a work culture.

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