Many children consider their education as an obligation or as a task of childhood.  However, the intention behind education is to equip children for life in adulthood.  This can only take place if the child is able to understand that the content they learn from school is derived from the outside world and more importantly, has meaning to them in the outside world.  This is true for all subjects, including and especially mathematics.  Unfortunately, most educational programs focus on filling a child with knowledge without making this connection to the outside world.  Word Frames is an attempt to change this mindset for the children.


To discover self-worth.  To enable students to connect the learning in their school environment to the outside world.

1      Program Objectives

  1. School Perspective – The topic should connect their school environment to the outside world.
  2. The Image – The image should be the child’s own understanding of the topic, not something from the textbook and not a random image that the child selects without thinking about how the topic is observed in the outside world.
  3. The Test – The test is performed to see how well the child retains the connection between the outside world and the school topic.

2      Self-Worth Objectives

  1. Self-Motivation – Take an interest in education as part of their own development and understanding of the world around them.
  2. Authority – Connecting education to life gives a child a sense of authority over the topic and their education.
  3. Leadership – Take ownership of the team both in success and failure.
  4. Social Interaction – Appropriately challenge the child to organize his team in completing the task and reaching the objectives.

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