Employer’s do not realize that Transparency is an overlooked value, yet it leads to increased Motivation and Engagement in the company’s culture.

Unfortunately, transparency has no metric.  There is no value to increase.  It is a perception of the employee community.

A corporate culture can be said to have transparency if the employees can answer two questions:

  1. What is our current health and how am I contributing to it?
  2. What is our vision and how am I contributing to it?

Corporate health predominantly refers to finances. An awareness of the financial health of an organization is paramount to transparency.

At the same time, corporate health extends just beyond finances.  It involves and understanding of the ups and downs of the corporate environment as well, including new business, attrition, etc… Employees should know the who/what/when/how/why of big decisions so they can continue to feel relevant and involved in the company.

The second question is a transparency of the future.  The employee must know the direction of the corporate.  Their understanding of their contribution towards this direction is critical.  Further, an understanding of corporate vision must also include an understanding of the plan to reach that vision.  If self-worth is derived from a belief in the value of your contribution, then an employee who clearly fits into the short-term and long-term goals of the corporate experiences self-worth.  These contributions towards the corporate goals must be recognized.

For this reason, transparency is a requirement of the manager all the way to the business owner.



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