Attention parents!

Is your child struggling with basic math?

Here’s a tip for you! Try Hope Torch’s Mathletics program with your child.

So what is this Mathletics?

Basically, a child is given a test with math problems of simple addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, and the child is challenged to see if he/she can complete it in under 3 minutes.

If the child can, then yay! If not, he/she is encouraged to take the same test again and try to complete it in under 3 minutes again.

It works like a video game; you fail, you try over and over again till you succeed.

Raju, one of our HT Chapter kids, was weak in math. He tried our Mathletics program for 3 months. It has helped him not only improve his sense of easy calculation but it has also increased his speed in calculating numbers.

So give it a try. We challenge you!

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