If you use the word “YOU CAN’T” in front of kids, they wont accept that.  Immediately, they will start working to prove “I CAN.”  Their feelings and emotions immediately become obvious.  Quitting is not something that kids have build into them.  There are other factors in kids quitting in the classroom.

In my article “Tips for a Meaningful Education at Every Age“, there are three levels of education.  The kids at each of these three levels can learn by what they are seeing, learn by comparing with the real world and learn through fun.

Only at the highest level, the tenth standard kids, they no longer benefit from the comparison with others.  (Ironic, that it is the 10th Std kids who are facing the greatest comparative assessment in their 10th Std board exams.)  Instead, they prefer to enjoy every movement in their development.

Teaching alone does not guarantee the maximum benefit for their life and future career.  We should first understand that in the class room, there will be students getting high marks and low marks but that does not mean that the high mark student is brilliant and the low mark student is not brilliant.

We should work at the practice level of the student because practice makes perfect for the high mark and the low mark student alike.  Day by day we have to improve our innovative techniques for practice.

One kid that I work with is studying in 7th Std.  I’ve known him since 1st Std.  When I first saw him, he didn’t have any basics.  I was getting many complaints from the parents.  The parents were getting many complaints from the school teacher.  All of the complaining had not changes his situation in 6 years.

If I gave him something to write, he would go to his seat, and he will sleep nicely.  If I ask him to stand, then also he used to sleep.  Every day went on like this.

One day, I gave him a simple math numbers to write numbers from one to ten.  That day, he didn’t sleep!  Instead, he came to me show that which he finished.

I understood that he actually likes math if I concentrated on his style of learning.  I started appreciating (not complaining) about his efforts, even in front of everyone.

Honestly, he started enjoying to study.  He stopped sleeping in the class. I cannot say he is the very best student, but now he is OK to study.

Education is very important because they have nothing without education.  Whether shopping in the market or planning a journey, if a person has education (no matter how little), then that person can begin to take control of their own life.

This is how education can show us self-worth.  I discovered the self-worth in the boy in my example.  The same is possible for every kid at every level.

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