How long can you work without getting distracted? These days, with mobiles always talking to us, it seems like our attention spans are getting reduced.

In this environment, we expect kids to be able to sit anywhere from 1-3 hours working on a boring test or homework assignment.

Concentration is not a child’s ability to sit for 3 hours. Concentration is a child’s ability to just focus on the next step and take it.

Yes, sometimes we do need to plan our time, so that we can complete the test in the time given. That strategy comes later. No point in all that planning, if we have already mentally panicked at the size of the work.

Mathletics asks the child to not worry about the time frame. It’s 20+ questions in 3 minutes. If you just do the math, that means it is roughly 9 seconds per question! If you tell this to a child, the minute they take 10 seconds for a question, they will panic. I would panic as well!

Instead, we want the student to just take the next step. All they need to do is focus on the one task or the one question in front of them. Before they know it, the entire test or assignment will get done.

Our goal must be to get kids to see their work as individual tasks and steps, not big projects. Once they can do this, then concentration will come naturally and their so-called “attention span” will grow.

Mathletics should build the student’s concentration, one step at a time.

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