Hope Torch is an NGO founded on the principle that the best way we can make an impact on kids (and on people) is by revealing to them their own self-worth.  We have found that self-worth is most revealed as we engage people in the activities that matter to them.

For kids, our work involves working with them towards a positive educational experience and outcome.  Our focus is not only getting the grades, but finding ways to motivate the kids from within.  They should want the grades more than we do.

For our volunteers, we want to engage them in the exact same way.  The work they do should not only be meaningful to the kids, but meaningful to them as well.  Our HT Chapter concept embodies this in the way we incorporate training of the volunteer for success in their context through their engagement with the kids.

Each individual who encounters Hope Torch should discover a little more of the bountiful treasure that is their self-worth.