Building a Self-Worth Culture – July 2018

When I was brainstorming on how to get people/companies to have a vested interest with Hope Torch apart from charity, I was stumped.  It has been a huge challenge.  We had tried different strategies like cold calling, roadside promotions, networking, employee training, nothing seemed to result in the support in reaching out to the kids that we wanted to generate. In our group meetings, I realized the key is self-awareness because our vision of self-worth addresses a common challenge for all.  The problem is, not many understand it or acknowledge it; I felt it personally too. So to market the vision (not Hope Torch), a small idea sparked which was… Read More

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LinkedIn - Listening to Employees

Advocacy for Employee’s Choices leads to Employee Engagement.

“Hi Jeff, I’m Erika Hairston an APM Intern here, and one day I want to be a Head of Product at a large tech company that affects children”. Jeff responded, “That was a very clear and concise career goal that I have no doubt Erika is already working towards. Now, all of us in this room, including me, know about her career goal and will keep it in mind”. – Q&A with Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn. Advocacy is an intricate part of what plays or contributes to a healthy Employee relationship within the organization. Advocacy in the case of Erika was for the higher-ups to take an active interest… Read More

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