Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Recovery

Microsoft’s Corporate Citizenship in the face of Japan’s 2011 Natural Disaster

An inspiring story of corporate citizenship.  Microsoft made tweaks to its mission to aid Japan’s recovery from the devastating effects of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Microsoft’s products and services not only continued operation and service, but Microsoft found ways to utilize its existing platforms for the rescue efforts Microsoft’s local teams worked to synchronize Microsoft’s efforts with the efforts of the local government and aid groups. Microsoft combined corporate citizenship with an all out CSR effort spanning continents in order to provide aid to Japan. The Microsoft teams around the world collaborated with the localized teams in Japan to prioritize the necessary aid. This is a case of… Read More

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Jet Blue Corporate Citizenshp through CSR Localization

JetBlue pioneers Corporate Citizenship through CSR localization

“They took that message to heart and moved the company’s corporate social responsibility department under the people department (human resources) to help ensure that efforts benefiting JetBlue’s three areas of focus—youth and education, community, and the environment—were aligned with crewmember engagement initiatives.” – Katherine V. Smith, Executive Director BC The initiatives they have taken through Corporate Citizenship is a good example of how CSR localization can increase employee engagement, like the Blue Horizons for Autism. “We know that our customers feel good when they see friendly and engaged crewmembers, and corporate citizenship—a commitment to sustainable operations and the development of the communities in which we live and work—is what keeps… Read More

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