Attention Parents! – Rote Meets Art Memorization

Attention parents! Here is a tip to help your child remember concepts better! Try out Word Frames! It is easy to do and enables your child to remember key concepts about any topic. All you have to do is instruct your child to draw out a concept using words. For example, if your child is learning about a Clock, all he/she has to do is pick out 5 to 10 keywords that describe the Clock like round, time, hands etc., and then draw the Clock using those keywords only. This method enables a child to retain more information and is proven to be effective. Our Word Frames program model turns… Read More

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Tips for a Meaningful Education at Every Age

Students discover the value of education in different ways.  This is because there are a lot of paths to a meaningful education. There was a time not too long ago when students had no facilities for higher studies.  Today, however, there are many opportunities made available by the government and NGOs for students to achieve and to explore in education.  All it takes is for a child to want to gain that meaningful education. Developing education within the Kallukuttai community, a marginalized area of Chennai, provides a study on the concept of a meaningful education. Meaningful Education Begins with Awareness In the Kallukuttai community, a marginalized area of Chennai, education… Read More

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Little Things Improve Employee Engagement

Simple Ways that Little Things can Impact Employee Engagement

It is the little things that makes a huge difference, which means addressing concerns of Employees and Not Job-related tasks. Here are some hacks to make the best of employee engagement tools and techniques: 1. Begin engagement from the bottom Some articles around the web will tell you that employee engagement begins from the top. But here is a golden rule because of which this is not the most efficient way – The farther the proximity from the top management, the most vulnerable the employees are for dis-engagement. This is why, when you think about engagement, start from ground level employees with the intention of making them feel closer to the… Read More

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